Currently in the doghouse with the CSO for demanding to know “who pen tests the pen testers” and suggesting “for all we know this entire operation has been compromised”.

I’m out of town and just found out we lost 3 trees today. Fortunately everyone is ok but it’s pretty devastating, loved the one in the backyard in particular. RIP brotha 🪦

Anytime I see a tech hoodie with the company name written down the sleeve I think, that's Mr. Cool ICE.

How come no one talks about Brendan Fraser and Bam Margera being cousins.

My son just asked me if there are any good books on large scale data migrations.

Love systems, hate to administer.

Planning on updating to 4.0.2, will be first upgrade. Looking at instructions here

and this video.

If you've performed upgrades and have any tips/gotchas lay them on me.

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